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Paw, Nose & Skin Butter Balm - For Dogs & Cats
Paw, Nose & Skin Butter Balm - For Dogs & Cats

Paw, Nose & Skin Butter Balm - For Dogs & Cats

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Discover our Healing Butter Balm, the ultimate care solution for dogs suffering from paw and skin issues such as cracked paws, dry skin, and irritation. This deeply hydrating balm quickly penetrates to moisturise, soothe, and repair your dog's paws, skin and nose, ensuring they stay healthy and comfortable. It's specifically formulated to address a variety of concerns, including:

Dry, rough paw pads

Cracked and chapped paws

Itchy, irritated skin

Damage from snow, ice, and salt

Discomfort from hot pavements

Overall paw health and protection against harsh weather conditions

Our Paw Balm stands out with its blend of organic coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and soy wax, known for their moisturising, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. This formula not only heals but also provides a soothing effect, making it perfect for a relaxing paw massage to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Our Butter Balm is your go-to for ensuring your dog's paws remain in tip-top condition all year round, 100% safe to lick with all natural ingredients and no essential oils whatsoever so perfectly


  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Nutrient-rich and free from artificial additives and preservatives.
  • Grain-Free, Wholesome, Hypoallergenic Natural Dog Treats: Expertly formulated & Nutritionist Approved.
  • Artisanally Handcrafted in the UK: Made by dog lovers for dog lovers.
  • Meticulously Crafted: No added sugar, salt, or any animal-derived products, ensuring a health-conscious choice for your pet.


Customer Testimonials:

Amazing skin balm, cleared up my dogs dried paws very quickly, smells lovely too!” by Natalie


“Love all the products but the magic paw balm made a huge difference to my dogs dry skin patches and lasts for ages, would highly recommend!” by Sam



Our butter balm are suitable for all types of skin and paws, even cats, rabbits etc



Our butter is made from vegan / plant based products and organic coconut oil, store at room temperature and use as and when required, a little goes a long way!


As a company dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, we power our bakery with 100% renewable electricity, including energy from our own solar panels. And that's not all; for every review we receive, we plant trees, contributing to a greener planet.

Treat your dog while supporting our small business aswel as sustainability with our delicious and earth-friendly treats!



Organic grade A coconut oil, olive oil, soy wax & shea butter.


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